Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our little ring "bears"

They surprised us all by actually walking down the isle! More pictures to come, I'm sure ;-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Really REALLY not a baby anymore

I hate to admit it, but my baby isn't a baby anymore. Suddenly, he is too aware, too inquisitive and too darn verbal to be considered a baby by anyone's standards. Sigh.

He just busted out here and said "Now WHAT is going on out here?"

He has taken to saying "Now THAT'S not supposed to happen!" all of the time.

I have realized that he has memorized the words to several of his favorite books.

He gets an evil look and says "You'll never find that NOW" at least several times a day (sound familiar to any other Swiper/Dora enthusiasts?)

Miss Leigh, his favorite teacher, said that today when they came into the gym, she was holding another little boy. So he just walked right up to her, grabbed her face, and kissed her on the lips. She said he was staking his claim.

Two days ago in the car, he said "Mom, are you a gu-url or a boy?" and I said "Girl" and he said "Yep, That's right!" (another of his cherished lines lately). I said "Is Daddy a girl or a boy" and he said "A boy, like ME!" and I said "Right. What about Jacky?" and he said "Jacky is my brother! And he is a boy, like me!"

I am happy, and he is still so cute. But I have always LOVED babies. I am not ready to have none of them here!

Now we just need to get rid of these pesky diapers....