Monday, March 30, 2009

So innocent looking...

Boys on Jack's school picture day...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe we'll all live, after all

We had a rough weekend here, Jack-wise, with a lot of misbehaving. Refusal to listen, whining, acting up in church, crying, doing the exact opposite of what he is told to do, fighting with his brother, we've got it all. We also had a lot of threats, time-out, taking away his books, taking away his Leapster globe, taking away his music, punishing him from time with friends, taking away t.v., sending him to his room, and maybe even a few spankings (though I can't remember any, but that isn't telling us much).

Today, however, a friend was over and we were all having a hard time getting along and sharing with Sam, who is one and does tend to bother. Still, part of life here is dealing with him and letting him in on the fun, even if you don't want to. After a few rounds of this, I am walking to the bedroom to intervene yet again and I hear Jack say, "Remember what my mom said, we have to be nice to Sam and share even if he isn't acting nice to us."

Hallelujah. It is amazing how much one sentence like that can renew my faith that it is not a lost cause, after all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Imagine you are just sitting casually at the computer reading whatever and your child walks up to you and drops this in your lap:

I mean, dang, what would you think??

**(Okay, okay, fine. Of course I asked him "Umm, Jack, What is this?" and he said "Sorry mom, I just messed it up, I couldn't write the word 'From' right")

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Night-night overcooked

Tired. Late. Home from meeting.

Kid. Tired. Up too late. Uncooperative.

Argument. Not gonna go his way. No books.

Fit Ensues. Screaming in bed.

Ten minutes elapses.

"Jack, why are you crying now?"

"I want a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. I want Hands, Hands, Finger, Thumb. It'll have it, it is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!"

"Jack, you are punished from the book buddy. You didn't listen to mommy. You aren't gonna get a book tonight. Period."

I climb into the bed and pull him over. "Stop crying. Calm down, I'll lay here and rub your back."


"Mommy, if you don't read me a book, I WILL NOT kiss you goodnight."

"O.k., whatever you have to do."

More quiet. Eyes closed. Thumb sucking. Total calm. So close to thinking he might be asleep. Slow little face rises up and gets next to mine. Makes loud "Mwwwwa" sound. This is a Jack kiss.

I smile and rub his back. He couldn't take it, the guilt, I guess, of not kissing me good night. Somewhere deep down inside, he has a sweet heart, and a conscience, after all.