Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coffee, Anyone?

It is not just a drink, it can be a food too! And it works great on the hair.

Friday, November 21, 2008

You try answering these questions!!

  • "But how did Harpo [the cat]GET to heaven from Nana's house?"
  • "Well why can't God and Jesus just give him back?"
  • "What MADE him die?" "Well, so what he was old?" "Just because you are old, you die?" "Well if you are sick, then you die?"
  • "Well, I AM GOING TO ASK God and Jesus to just give him back from heaven. Because if they took him there, they can just put him back."
  • -after a lengthy discussion on when it would be alright to push the car alarm button... "Well, if a bad man comes and makes me dead, then can I push it?"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Art

We haven't had family art on this blog for a while now. This one was worth posting to me because every person is labeled correctly. Daddy has stubble and Mom has long hair. My favorite though is that Jack has written "GAP" on himself because of his new GAP sweatshirt. He also noted that "If you look closely, mommy, my arms are Ts".

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An attempt to take Christmas Card Pictures...unsuccessful attempt

My brother used to wear these smocks when he was their ages. Jack's is a little high water but I still think they are really cute. Keith is not so much a fan of them at all. My mom hand stitched all the patterns on the front. Pretty appropriate that Sam's is a train seeing as though one of his favorite things to say is "choo choo".

Have yet to even come close to getting a good picture of both of them. Can I just get a good picture of each on and splice them together? That is A LOT more likely!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Customary Halloween Type Pictures

I have been feeling like a real slacker for having none of these Halloween pictures on my blog... so here you go! I was not feeling well on Halloween so Keith took the pictures of the boys that night in their costumes and so there are not many. But there are plenty of other things to make up for that!

All of us at a pumpkin patch... gotta have this picture and the kids were REALLY cooperating well here.

Sam eating some of his trick or treat bounty and not making a mess at all...

The monkey and the chicken off to cause some trouble. Jack insisted on being a monkey even though he was one last year. We were sort of happy about this because we got off cheap on the costume.
The chicken gathering his bounty.

Jack in his school's Halloween parade.

Sam and Keith in the corn maze.

Alicia and Jack in the corn maze.

Jack with face paint at a festival.

Keith and I dressed up as Kerri Walsh and Michael Phelps to go to a Halloween party a couple of weeks ago.

Mrs. Flatt, Jack's teacher, telling all the kids a Halloween story.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Favorite Foods

You know, Jack is into asking us what is our favorite this? What is our favorite that?

He asked us yesterday what is our favorite food. I told him Japanese fried rice and noodles. He said no, he didn't think so, he thought it was "Meat Lettuce and Cheese only and a Medium Coke". (They listen in the drive thru line!)

That wasn't nearly as funny though as what he said to Keith. Keith wasn't playing the game to liking because he kept saying "I don't know, I don't really have one."

Jack kept saying "Yes you do, daddy, I know it, keep THINKING about it."

Finally, after not succeeding in egging his daddy on to come up it himself, he said. "You really do have a favorite food daddy! BEER!"