Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Dancing Man

Tonight is our little Prince Charming's dance recital. How he got involved in dance is a whole different story for another day. Anyhow, Here are a few pics, and the video of the dress rehearsal for the grandmas. Warning, it is about 3 minutes long, so unless you really care, you probably don't want to watch it. The top video is all of the kids, and the bottom one is zoomed in on Jack.

He is really cute as the Prince in "Someday my Prince will Come." He secretly likes the attention of being the only boy. Tonight we are going to spike his hair up so I'll try to post some pics of that too :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just in case you couldn't tell, our oldest child can be a bit of what the parenting experts would call a "challenge." It seems lately he yo-yos between acting like a perfect angel and acting like Satan's spawn. Anything can tip it off, you never know what that something may be. Anyhow, the other day he was mad a me and he threw and entire cup of chocolate milk (or "regular chocolate" at our house, for the uninitiated) at the wall on the way to his room for a punishment. If you can guess, this did not make me entirely happy. I told him he was punished from regular chocolate for the next three days.

Now, regular chocolate is a bit of an obsession that the Willeford boys have, and the moment they get up they need it, like a coffee junkie needs his fix. So the next morning, he got up and Sam got regular chocolate and Jack didn't, and if you can guess, this did not go over well. It ended in a 30 minute session of him whining and trying to negotiate with me, followed by a repeat trip to his room for another punishment. On the way out the door to Bible School he attached the following note to the refrigerator with a magnet:

It says: "Ruolz Anwon can have RC. No Punishmants"

In other words: "Rules, Anyone can have RC [Regular Chocolate]. No Punishments."

Stubborn kid. Wonder where he gets that from???

Friday, June 5, 2009

I don't know why I was worried...

I took the boys to look at houses today. I have no idea why I was worried about Jack, because he seems to relish in the house hunt. He said "Well, it is really fun getting a new house, mama! [We are really into the mama lately] The problem is, after you get your new house, you still have all of your old stuff in it." I had to agree.

We went and looked at a house that is in the old historic part of Summerville. Both Keith and I love old houses, and I was excited to look at it. Unfortunately, it was nothing to get excited about, read, very old and looking very outdated with moldy bathrooms. I walked out and said, "Well, I didn't like that one." Jack said, "Yeah, me neither. It really didn't have any decorations in it." I tried to tell him that you actually put the decorations up yourself for the most part, but he insisted, saying, "But really, mama, the walls were all plain!!" Okay.

After we went and checked out another house in a cool neighborhood, he was ready to move in immediately. As we drove off, he asked me which one was OUR house an then on the way home he asked me if we were going to our "Old" house. I said, yes, of course, our stuff is still at this house. He was not pleased.

Right now he is in the backyard mostly naked with an umbrella singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day AWAY!!!!!!!" Man, our new neighbors are gonna be lucky.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How old is he???

"We have to move to a new house," I tell him tentatively. I am afraid he is going to freak out, because we do this too often and I know he hates it. He has just asked Keith a few weeks ago at bedtime to promise him we can live here forever. "We will stay in the same city, though, and you can still go to the same school." I wait.

"Well, we should move to a neighborhood close to my school then mommy, so that we don't have to drive too many minutes to get there."

Hmm, smart kid. We were considering the same thing.


And last week, when I was sad about losing his great teacher that I love:

"Mommy, you are sad now about Mrs. Flatt, but next year when I am going to first grade, you are going to say the same thing about my Kindergarten teacher. You are going to love her even more and be sad to change to a new one."

Sometimes this kid is wise beyond his years :-)