Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Jack had to memorize this poem for school. I think he has done a great job with it! He says "He doesn't want anyone to think his stuff is cute."

My little Mess

Yesterday, I took the boys to an ice-skating birthday party. Keith is working 70 hrs a week right now, so Sam had to come, and of course he had to SKATE too, like the big kids. So after all that fun, we are driving home, and I see some Mormon Missionaries outside in our cul-de-sac. I am obviously not in the mood to deal with them so I come in, shut the door, and tell Jack if anyone rings the doorbell we are not going to answer it.

After a few minutes, we are getting the kids in the bath, and of course the doorbell rings.

Jack is very excited about the prospect of ignoring it at first because we have never done that before.

"Be quiet!" I tell him.

"Momma, why? What do they want to do?"

"They want to tell us about Jesus, and mommy doesn't have the patience for that right now."

He sits there quietly for a few minutes, then says...

"Momma, can we PLEASE open it? I really don't know all that much ABOUT Jesus!"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coming Right Up!

Sam is problematically cute these days, thus he can get away with almost anything. One of his favorite games is to pretend to sell you food. What I love about it is that he usually says, "Do you want i-creeeem?" and You have to say "Yes" and then he says "OK, coming right up!" It is so precious, I could die. He also says "Yes, sir" a lot and you can hear both in this video. The "Coming Right Up" is right at the beginning if you want to just watch for five seconds, which I would not blame you for at all.